During May 19-20 2016, the “Anhui TV Technology Exchange Forum” took place. This event is co-sponsored by Hefei Guanhua and Guangzhou Digi-red in order to promote innovative television products and system architecture solutions. The suppliers supporting this event were NewTek America, Barnfind Technologies Norway, Panasonic Japan and ATOMOS from Australia.


The goal for the “Anhui TV Technology Exchange Forum” is to improve the knowledge about studios in general, remote production, recording in classroom, DMB broadcasting system with multimedia signal and ATOMOS supervisors recorders as well as a demonstration of the latest 4K cameras from Panasonic.


Technical personnel from the provincial, city and the county TV stations were invited for these tests, in addition media students and agencies in Anhui. The forum was praised by the attendees for its informative content and plans are already underway for the next forum.



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