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Barnfind offers a 2-YEAR standard warranty for all products. For BarnOne series (Frame, PSU, Fan Cassette, SFPs), we offer an extra 3-YEAR warranty that can be purchased on request. For even longer guarantee requests or other support agreements, please ask!


Note that the warranty and guarantee handling is to be done via the Business Partner that are seen as Barnfind’s local preferred partner. It is the Business Partner that is responsible for the first line service/support to the End Users in the Territory. Barnfind will act accordingly after first line service/support is done by the Business Partner and the outcome is reported to Barnfind.

Barnfind will need the Business Partner to administer the warranty and support packages. This means in practice that the customer must forward defective equipment to the Business Partner. If the Business Partner cannot fix the problem the Business Partner forwards to Barnfind at its expense and Barnfind fixes the problem. Barnfind pays postage back to the Business Partner and the Business Partner forwards to its customer. This is a non- discountable service. No shipment of units back to Barnfind HQ without a filled in RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) sheet from Barnfind HQ.

The Warranty covers repairs and fixes due to equipment faults that have occurred attributable to Barnfind. Warranty issues not attributable to Barnfind are not covered by this 24+ Warranty Plan. Barnfind shall have full and final jurisdiction in assessing the nature of its liability with regards to Warranty return. All costs related to sending equipment to Barnfind shall be borne by the Business Partner. All costs for sending equipment back to the Business Partner shall be borne by Barnfind.

Barnfind reserves the right to change its repair plan tariffs and terms at the end of each calendar year.