SFP converter BarnMini-12. The new product, which already was delivered and installed the first time just before Christmas 2018, will be named BarnMini-22.

The control port offers access to the device from Barnfind’s control software BarnStudio, as to any other of Barnfind’s products. With the new Mini you are able to monitor the DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) which the inserted SFPs display via their interface, like optical RX and TX power, turn on/off Following the market’s demand, Barnfind adds a control port to the unique protocol agnostic SFP to the optical output and the management of SFPs which offer signal processing.

Another newly added feature are the reclockers, which you can set manually to your preferred data rate from 125 Mbit/s MADI up to 4K/12 Gbit/s SDI or even bypass the reclocker.

After BarnMini-05, which already won many new friends in the market, BarnMini-22 is the second unit out of the BarnMini series, which is equipped with a control interface.

Barnfind’s Mini series is by many of our clients called “The Norwegian Army knife” due to its many application areas. There are many new Mini’s in development.

Barnfind will in the future integrate more control in the BarnMini’s since that makes it much more attractive as a standalone unit or in system together with the BarnOne series or other 3rd party controllable units.

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