barnmini-11_bg1Barnfind Americas, the U.S.-based presence for Norwegian company Barnfind Technologies which manufactures a multi-functional, signal neutral fibre transport platform, has announced that it will be exhibiting at this year’s NAB Show New York.


The company will be featuring game-changing additions to the poplar BarnMini family of small, portable, low-cost devices for the single channel extension of BNC, SFP, and/or HDMI connections while also demonstrating its popular BarnOne BTF1-07 frame, that supports all signals and functions in one chassis and features a built-in 32×32 router. One of the main highlights, though, is Barnfind’s sophisticated CAM-CCU signal transport solution that replaces the need for restrictive and heavy cables with a bi-directional single mode fibre solution capable of supporting up to 18 cameras and signals of any kind.


“We are excited to be at this year’s 2016 NAB Show New York,” said John Brendle, Director of Technology, Barnfind Americas. “We are bringing a significant complement of products with the capabilities that today’s broadcaster is seeking, including our expanded CAM-CCU system – the most compact, flexible solution of its kind in the industry, plus a host of solutions that support 12G and 4K.”


Show highlights will include: BarnMini-11 and BarnMini-12; BarnMini-05; BarnMini-06; BarnOne 12G Frame; and the BarnOne Protocol upgrade.


The new BarnMini-11, big brother to Barnfind’s popular BarnMini-01, was developed in response to customer requests, and delivers simple and reliable point-to-point digital extensions. The new BarnMini-12 follows the success of the Company’s BarnMini-02 that features 2 x SFP ports for transceivers and capacity up to 3G SFPs.
Both units differ from their predecessors with their capacity to handle 12G, 10G, 4K and any other video format with a lower data rate than 12G. They are both equipped with re-clockers, same as their smaller siblings and are available as standalone units with a separate PSU, or mounted into the BarnMini frame – the BTF-Mini-16 that houses any combination of 16 BarnMini modules with a common PSU.


The BarnMini-05 is a compact way to combine an RS422/485, 4 x GPI and 4 x GPO, controllable via an Ethernet/SFP port. The unit can serve as an intelligent bridge between many third-party devices or it can control an external optical changeover switch (BarnMini-06) in a redundancy setup. Triggers are easily set, and the module works well in conjunction with any BarnOne frames. BarnMini-05 is available as a standalone unit with a separate PSU, or mounted into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame that houses any combination of 16 BarnMini modules with a common PSU. BarnStudio, Barnfind’s control software, can be used to configure and monitor BarnMini-05.


Changeover switches are offered by many different vendors, but Barnfind has been at the forefront with their popular BT-OCS-2-LGX that can be mounted into a BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU chassis. The company is highlighting an optical changeover switch, the BarnMini-06, which is easier to integrate with the GPO devices that are found in broadcast applications since it can now provide its own power needed to drive the switch. This new device is also slightly smaller, and fits into the BarnMini frame, BTF-Mini-16, instead of the BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU chassis.


The new BarnOne 12G looks the same as its predecessor and has the same mechanical design, PSU, and control as other products in the well-established BarnOne family, but handles all data rates up to 12G. The main board in the 12G version has 16 x SFP ports each with 12G capacity, a 32 x 32 router and full re-clocker like the standard BarnOne 3G series. The new 12G series sets a new standard for flexibility with only one chassis; and has the unique ability to upgrade with any top card.


The Barnfind BarnOne system, which is currently operating in over 50 countries, has been upgraded to include a new control protocol – an integrated Web Server, offering users considerably more flexibility and user control.


Pictured: BarnMini-11

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