ICE1Eurosport Norway is broadcasting over 50 games from the ongoing IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Moscow on different broadcasting platforms, from linear TV to Dplay stream solution. Barnfind equipment sits in the middle of this large broadcast operation, used for transport and monitoring of all world feeds, in addition to several unilateral feeds between Discovery Networks Norway compound and EBU & Host production TOC in Moscow.


“The network of BarnOnes works flawlessly and has proven to be the perfect solution for this application” says Dag-Inge Dahl, head of technical operations in Moscow. The network of frames is used for transporting video feeds, audio, communication and ethernet to and from the contribution backbone, as well as between the different locations inside the stadium in Moscow – Video, audio, communication, camera and control for Studio, commenator, Flash and Mixed Zone. In addition to the Ice Hockey World Championship productions, Barnfind is trusted as the main feeds transport from the production venue to Discovery Networks Norway MCR covering Bicycle races, Formule-E tournament, Copa del Rey Final, UEFA Europa League Final and many more in May alone.


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