Barnfind Technologies (headquartered in Norway) in cooperation with our Barnfind Asia Singapore office are proud to deliver a complete fiber telecom system to our partner Broadcast Audio Service Co., Ltd in Thailand.  Broadcast Audio Service Co., LTD worked closely with their partner Mahajak Development Co., Ltd to develop and deliver the project.


The system delivered is installed at the new and famous Sappaya-Sapa Sathan and will be used for the 500-seat Chandra voting chamber in the Thai Senate as well as for the 750-seat Suriyan voting chamber in the House of Representatives.

The recently completed Sappaya-Sapasathan houses Thailand’s legislative bodies, the National Assembly; both the House of Representatives and Thai Senate have moved to this new and prestigious building completing a construction project that started in 2013. This new building utilizes the latest technologies including a sophisticated Production Infrastructure built utilizing the latest technologies and standards.  For example, the new infrastructure allows all speeches by Members of both houses to be recorded and transmitted while at the same time generating a uniform audio and television signal of the sessions and events taking place in the Chamber. This content is made available to citizens through the Government’s own broadcast channel live, as a reliable live streaming service and is also available on-demand to broadcasters, reporters, researchers, historians and citizens alike.




Barnfind is proud to announce the delivery of 8 x Barnfind BTF1-02, 12 x BarnMini-01 fiber transport and 8 x CWDM Mux/DeMux needed to provide fiber transport and routing capabilities for this state-of-the-art facility.
The Barnfind equipment is used to transparently link cameras, Multi-viewer, Monitors, KVM and tie-line for 3 locations between the House of Representative, Senate and their Data Center (CTA).




Other equipment delivered for the same system includes signal routing control from BFE KSC Core, Riedel MediorNet hybrid video-audio router and multi-viewer, DirectOut audio break out, Telemetrics camera control systems, Panasonic 4K cameras, GV Kula Vision mixer, Studer Vista 1 Black audio mixer, PlayBox CG, playout and Capture Green-Go intercom.





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