The Barnfind Team really looks forward to this year’s IBC. 2014 got off to a good start with numerous sales from leading companies in different Broadcast and Telco areas as we also expanded into many adjacent markets such as oil & gas, defense, house of worship etc. In particular Barnfind delivered orders to top world sports events for motor cycles, all kinds of racing cars and soccer etc. The BarnOne family is now installed in many different locations worldwide and we are happy to report that faithful clients keep coming back for more solutions.


BarnOne news:

We have the following new BarnOne solutions to show you at IBC:

  • Analog Audio router 8 x 8 with embedder. It is available for the new BarnOne frame, BTF1-10,with 8 x BNCs, the Analog Audio with 2 x D25pin sub- connector and the main board with 16 x SFPs. The BTF1-10 has same specifications as the rest of the BTF1-XX frames. Now Barnfind is capable of supporting applications where the clients want more Audio and no longer need any 3rd party Audio. Prototype will be shown at IBC and we will start shipping in November/December.
  • Barnfind introduces the ASI to IP conversion card. The card will be housed in the BTF1-09 frame with 8 x BNCs, 4 channel ASI to IP with RJ45 pin connector x 2 (8 x ASI channels to 2 x independent IP streams) and the main board with 16 x SFPs. The BTF1-09 has same specifications as the rest of the BTF1-XX frames.  Now Barnfind can support more applications where IP is needed. Prototype will be shown at IBC and we will start shipping in November/December.
  • Barnfind introduces a lot of new optical products for both BarnOne and BarnMini. Several new items including redundancy switches, optical splitters and muxes etc. that will be on display at our IBC booth. They are all available as standalone solutions or can be housed in the BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU frame (space for 4 x LGX solutions). They are all shipping now. In addition to the Barnfind LGX boxes different 3rd party cards like multiviewer etc. can be housed in the frame. Watch for many different and exciting cards for this BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU in the future.
  • Barnfind will also address applications with different workflows with the introduction of the new BarnCase that supports 4RU of different products. At IBC; 2 x BarnCase’s will be demonstrated live with a BTF1-02 frame, a BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU frame and a LSB control panel (LBP-17), and also with the BarnStudio and Skyline and LSB controlling the same devices. BarnCase can house 4 RU, it comes with wheels, pull out handle and front/rear mount. BarnCase is shipping now.



BarnMini news:  

Since it was introduced we have experienced significant interest in our smaller, stand-alone BarnMini solutions. Working with partners and clients we have developed a lot of new products and we will proudly show the following new items:

  • A brand new 3RU frame, BarnMini-3RU housing for up to 8 x BarnMini standing vertically and up to 4 x LGX boxes horizontally with single or redundant PSU for all units. The PSU is the same as for the BarnOne series and can come as the standard 100-240AC or as a 36-72DC. A prototype will be shown at our booth and we will start shipping in November/ December.
  • We will introduce more HDMI solutions and the new BarnMini-03 will take you from HDMI to any SDI SFP. Any of Barnfind’s SFPs that we have in program or 3rd party will work as long as they follow the MSA standard. We expect the price to be approximately Euro 340/USD450 per piece and the SFPs will be additional. The prototype will be shown and we will start shipping in November/ December. Barnfind’s BarnMini-04 will operate the opposite way with input from any SDI SFP to output HDMI. You can expect same price as the BarnMini-03 and we expect same delivery time.
  • We have been talking about having GPI/O on the SFP level, but have decided to make that on the BarnMini platform where we can also house more GPI/Os, therefore, on a BarnMini-05 there will be 12 x GPI/O. We will show a prototype of the BarnMini-05 and we expect deliveries to take place in November/December.
  • General news about the BarnMini series: More BarnMini boxes will be built that can be stand alone models or installed in the new BarnMini-3RU frame. Also, 3rd party cards like multiviewers etc can be installed in the BarnMini-3RU frame. We will offer many different exiting cards in this housing in the future. Barnfind sees that as a natural path since our BarnOne is already loaded with functionality and it is wiser to have new functionality into the new flexible BarnMini-3RU frame housing. Or you may use the above mentioned BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU if that is more convenient if you have a more BarnOne oriented application. As you see, Barnfind offers a variety of possibilities in order to live up our slogan “It’s possible!”.



BarnStudio and 3rd party control news:

On the software and control side we are releasing new BarnStudio software and new firmware at IBC. Please look through the news on our Web page regularly under Support to see the available updates. Likewise we are introducing the interface to openGear® from Ross; meaning that Barnfind can interface with other suppliers via the openGear protocol. At our booth we will demonstrate Ross/DashBoard. We also have integrated to Rascular from the UK and this integration will be shown at their own IBC booth. We will also show more LSB control panels controlled live via BarnStudio. LSB has also integrated Barnfind into their VSM. We will also show the BFE KSC Commander on both our screens and via an IPAD. And not to forget about Skyline and their Dataminer that will be demonstrated with BarnOne frames, LSB control panels, BFE and the BarnStudio.

General news:

We have done some updates to our Web pages, so take a look. Our 2014/2015 catalog is printed and waiting for you on our stand. There are many new partners that have come onboard that we are very proud of. Take a look under Contacts at our Web page.


Visit us at IBC and learn about our ideas for the future and our road map. Pay us a visit and we’ll tell you a little bit about what we have in mind. You will find us in Hall 2 at Stand A42.



Barnfind contact: Wiggo Evensen


Press contact: Desert Moon Communications

Harriet Diener / +1 845-512-8283

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