Barnfind, the optical fibre specialist from Norway have delivered solutions for connecting Stageboxes to their German client SWR’s for their new compact smart SNG-van – SNG4.

The Barnfind solution offers SWR an unparalled advantages as a format-independent system in which many formats such as SDI, HD, 3G, 4K, AES, ETH und MADI are transported transparently without delay, switched and distributed in the SNG-van. Housed in 1 rack unit, the Barnfind system is very compact and with power consumption of less than 60 Watts, it’s a perfect solution for SWRs Outside Broadcast department.

In this particular application SWR feed remote power to the Barnfind equipment via an external 48 volt power supply unit over a Lemo-SMPTE camera cable.

Due to its absolute flexibility, the solution is used for graphics generation and is used in the German Bundesliga for connecting soccer stadiums to Outside Broadcast trucks and satellite uplink vans.

SWR also use these vehicles for various motorsport events to connect the venues to broadcasters.

The solution was delivered by Barnfind’s German business partner, VIDI.

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