“On behalf of Barnfind Technologies, I am proud to present version 2.0 of our publication BarnGuide to the market. With our growing popularity and an ever increasing international customer base, it was time to improve the user documentation. In particular, we have seen the increased use of BarnStudio software, and in the new BarnGuide you will find more detailed description on how to use this application. With our continued efforts in research and development you will see the expansion of our 4K product line amongst other developments and the integration of many new SFPs that cover areas from SDI to IP to our new High/Low SFPs that make our already world leading CAM-CCU solutions even more attractive. So sit tight; download the latest BarnGuide from our website, and keep following us for new updates!” says Arild Skjeggerud, CTO of Barnfind Technologies.

BarnGuide 2.0



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