3Zero2 TV  S.p.A.– EuroMediaGroup was appointed (by the HB production company  VideoTime Mediaset) to design and build kay technical facilities inside the venue of the last UCL Final in Milano 2016.

3Zero2 TV has realized Technical Operations Center, Tv Media Tribune commentary video/audio facilities, and other parts of the complex system.

Solution architects built the HD VideoHD/DATA and ASI signals transportations (via SM Dark Fibers across all the fundamental zones) on Barnfind products.

The infrastructure system was designed (in cooperation with VideoProgetti S.R.L.) as a star-centered system at the T.O.C., reaching the TvTribune C.C.R., the Press Conference area, and the Pitch Side.

The Infrastructure was made with BarnOne devices as Main & Backup backbones with Optical Multiplexing from/to T.O.C. and C.C.R. to serve the CATV HD system, with several channels delivered to the encoders and, out of the CATV enviroment, single video HD and DATA signals were delivered/collected across the areas.

Additional Point-to-Point links between the BarnOne’s and several BarnMini’s for HDMI on dedicated Dark Fibers lines were implemented to connect many video Monitoring systems to serve all the client’s request on field.

The final technical result at the end of the operations was really satisfactory as the Head of technical facilities designer Renato Mancini says: “We are complete satisfacted with the Barnfind products.

By my point of view, at the moment, Barnfind is one of the smartest solution for signal transportations, both for quality/price ratio and for the great flexibilty of configuring the system as multiplexed and/or direct links.It’s the ideal solution for simple and complex systems”.


Stadium 20160528_161335

Pitch Field Audio Equip stage 20160528_162347

Fiber Distrib 1 20160528_185252

DBW 4K Prod Vision 20160528_184113

Barnfind Fiber Distr 120160528_185145

2nd Ring front camera lineup 20160528_161744


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