Sandefjord, Norway (August 10, 2015) — Barnfind Technologies, manufacturer of a revolutionary multi-functional, signal neutral transport platform, is making a number of significant new product introductions and many different CAM<->CCU applications at this year’s 2015 IBC Show in Amsterdam at booth 3.B16 in Hall 3. Barnfind is taking a lead as innovator for OB vans, post production houses and sports and event broadcasters in advanced camera and CCU switching. If you are operating in this area a visit to the Barnfind booth is mandatory. We will show you the applications and the references which are mind blowing!


World class industry unique double capacity multiplexing. “A new CWDM solution with higher density makes multiplexing of 36 channels over one fibre possible. For example, this means that it is possible to multiplex 36 camera/CCU signals on a single SMPTE Hybrid fibre cable (or 18 bi-directional) – dramatically reducing set-up and tear down complexity and time. Larger solutions with more camera/CCUs on one fiber are also in development”, says Arild Skjeggerud, CTO of Barnfind Technologies.


Many new products. According to Barnfind CEO Wiggo Evensen, who announced the company’s IBC plans from its headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway, “Barnfind will offer broadcasters and production professionals a full range of new product introductions, such as the BTF1-09 ASI to IP conversion card and BTF1-10 Analog Audio router, both of which are new models in the company’s continuously expanding flagship BarnOne product family. The company will also be launching several new solutions that expand the BarnMini product line, including the new BTF-Mini-16 BarnMini housing, the BarnMini-03 HDMI to any SDI SFP, BarnMini-04 SDI SFP to output HDMI.” 


Barnfind will also show the new BarnStudio software and new firmware at IBC. Barnfind will at the IBC show work in close co-operation with openGear® from Ross Video, BFE KSC, LSB VSM, RASCULAR, Skyline Dataminer, DNF Control, TSL Tallymann and BlackMagic. RASCULAR will also show live BarnOne frame with Route Master and BlackMagic control panels on their own booth.


Together with all the 3rd party control as well as BarnStudio, the Barnfind team will show advanced CAM<->CCU first line switching. The many different control systems on display will among others be working with Ikegami and GVG cameras and ccu’s for realistic live operation. A solution that is supported for all major camera manufacturers.



“IBC allows us the perfect opportunity to introduce significant new additions to some of our flagship products as well as highlight our full line of flexible, scalable solutions”, said Evensen. “This year we have more new product introductions than ever before, including the new BTF1-09 and BTF1-10 models in our BarnOne family, an expanded BarnMini product line, new BarnStudio software, as well as highlighted products such as redundancy switches, optical splitters and multiplexors that are all available as standalone solutions or can be housed in the BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU frame”, said Evensen. The Barnfind Team will also be able to talk more in detail about the product roadmap for the next coming years.



More detailed info:


Product launch: Higher density SFPs for double channel count multiplexing

The new Barnfind industry-first higher channel count density CWDM-based technology allows for using existing CWDM infrastructure with twice as many bidirectional channels as before. The technology splits the CWDM grid into “high” and “low” enabling the same wavelength window to send and receive signals bi-directionally. The technology utilizes the upside of both DWDM regarding channel density, and CWDM when it comes to ease of use, ruggedness and price point. Up to 36 signals (or 18 bi-directional) can be transported over a ‘standard’ CWDM infrastructure, normally limited to 18 channels.


Product launch: New BarnOne BTF1-09 and BTF1-10 

Attendees at the 2015 IBC show will see the launch of two new modules that extend the company’s well-received flagship BarnOne multifunctional signal-neutral platform.  The BTF1-09 ASI to IP conversion card with 8 x BNCs, 4 channel ASI to IP with RJ45 pin connector x 2 (8 x ASI channels to 2 x independent IP streams) and the main board with 16 x SFPs. The BTF1-09 has the same specifications as the rest of the BTF1-XX frames.  Now Barnfind can support more applications where IP is needed.

Also, the BTF1-10 Analog Audio router 8 x 8 with embedder is integrated together with 8 x BNCs and the main board with 16 x SFPs. The BTF1-10 has the same specifications as the rest of the BTF1-XX frames. Now Barnfind is capable of supporting applications where the clients need to handle more audio.


Product launch: BarnMini BTF-Mini-16, BarnMini-03 and BarnMini-04

The well-received BarnMini range has been extended to include the BTF-Mini-16, a new BarnMini housing for up to 16 x BarnMinis with common single or redundant PSU configurations. The PSU is the same as for the BarnOne series and can be the standard 100-240AC or as a 36-72DC.  BarnMini-03 operates from HDMI to any SDI SFP. Any of Barnfind’s SFPs in the program or third-party SFPs will work as long as they follow the MSA standard. The BarnMini-04 will operate the opposite way with input from any SDI SFP to output HDMI.


Product launch: BarnStudio Software

On the software and control side, Barnfind is releasing a new version of BarnStudio software and new firmware at IBC. Barnfind’s no-cost BarnStudio control software that is used by more and more clients is available via “Download” button or “Support” from the website.


More Highlights

Several new items including redundancy switches, optical splitters and multiplexors will be on display at the company’s booth. They are all available as standalone solutions or can be housed in the BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU frame (space for 4 x LGX solutions).


BarnOne – Flagship Product

Barnfind’s flagship product, BarnOne, provides up to 32 ports with either 32 x SFPs from various manufacturers offering various capabilities, or a mix with 8 or 16 BNC’s, or CWDM/DWDM multiplexing, or third-party cards for ASI to IP conversion etc. In addition to all common video and telco signal formats, Barnfind is unique in its capability to support KVM, SDTI, SMPTE 2022-6, MADI, ASI to IP, 4K 60p workflows, HDMI and DVI. The unit features a built-in electrical and/or optical router with bi-directional BNCs and SFPs with re-clocking on all outputs. A flexible configuration of CWDM (8/16/18 and up to 108 channels), DWDM (up to 88 channels) and a comprehensive functionality suite include standard SDI conversion, routing, multiplexing, embedding, add/drop, crossover and distribution.

BarnOne offers end-users the unique ability to use any kind of SFP or SMART SFP (must be following the MSA standard), opening up a completely new set of options and advantages. Custom designed SFP solutions can also be integrated into the total solution. With the built in router Barnfind offers extremely low jitter and latency performance, and the CAM<->CCU control solution is rated by leading sports broadcasters to be a valuable innovation.



Meet with us @ IBC – Booth No: Hall 3, 3.B16


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