Sandefjord 30th of December 2016, Barnfind is proud to announce another large racing contract which was won under fierce competition. Thanks to Barnfind’s “all encompassing” BarnOne concept with routing, distribution and multiplexing of signal formats including video, audio and data for the broadcast and telecom markets, the customer chose Barnfind as the main supplier for the 2017 international racing season.


With the new signal redundancy functionality that is typically found as an optional extra in some of the world’s leading software providers or by the few companies who build enterprise-size routers; Barnfind has ushered in a new era by introducing this as standard in its BarnOne frames. Configuration of any signal redundancy path via the new all-inclusive control software BarnStudio, or via  various NMS suppliers including OpenGear/DashBoard from Ross Video provides users with choices to control the total workflow with ease.


For more information, visit the downloads section on the website to check out the latest firmware version.


“Through continuous product development, Barnfind has won many sports contacts in recent years and we look to build on these successes in 2017 and beyond” says Wiggo Evensen, CEO of Barnfind.




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