Sandefjord, November 28th, Barnfind Technologies has strengthened its BarnOne line-up introducing web interface with a range of new functionalities and updates including Signal Redundancy Switch, Access levels for log in and workflow improvements.

Barnfind has taken another great step to improve the management of BarnOne frames to make it even easier and more efficient to install, configure and operate one or multiple number of frames. The new (free) firmware update will give you access to a new version of BarnStudio with updated functionalities. At the same time you will get the same functions by using OpenGear Dashboard (ROSS Video). The latest addition to the frame is the access via web. Due to this change of interface, Barnfind has introduced telnet protocol as addition to SNMP for communication. For the end-user, this protocol has the advantage of being more responsive and reliable.

Follow this link to download the latest firmware version:

web-interface-1Latest free update gives you access to Barnfind’s new release including web interface, access level control, signal redundancy switch and many other additional functions.


The new web interface allows user to set up access levels to prevent unauthorized persons to configure or operate the system. The users can be categorized as administrator, operator or guest.


Signal Redundancy Switch

As a great-added functionality of Barnfind’s latest release, an integrated signal redundancy switch can be configured to all the BarnOne’s outputs.

web-interface-3Regardless of signal format, bandwidth, optical or electrical; each individual output can be configured with “alternative” input(S), and they all run in parallel individuality.

The change-over function is activated by 3 different validations:

  • Signal LOS
  • SDI analyzer
  • Signal errors

web-interface-4Barnfind’s Redundancy Switch functionality gives the user full control of signal presence, quality and status. From being a simple converter/router/ distributer, the range of BarnOne frames have transformed to be a complex and advanced redundancy system. Even with this complexity, the redundancy functions can easily be configured and monitored in the new released BarnStudio web interface.


For any questions, please contact Arild Skjeggerud, CTO of Barnfind Technologies.

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