Sandefjord, December 23rd 2016, -Numerous Barnfind frames were used to transmit signals at the 2016 Yat-Sen Cup International Marathon which took place on November 27, in Sun Yat-Sen’s hometown of Zhongshan City. The successful live event was a collaboration between the Xiamen TV station, Zhongshan broadcasters, and the CCTV sports channel who transmitted the production to millions of sports fans in China. It was arranged by the Government of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province and the China track and field Association to honor Sun Yat-Sen’s 150th anniversary. 15,000 athletics participated in the full and half marathon races.



Barnfind frames were used in numerous locations, from the Zhongshan Radio and Television studios, the OB vans and the transfer area, to seamlessly transmit a master HD SDI signal.

“Signal transmission was accomplished via a mix of several different BarnOne frames, BarnMini signal extension modules and Barnfind’s new Stage boxes. The configuration provided the highest level of flexibility,” says Mr. Can Chen, Barnfind’s partner in China.


Chen added, “Not only do BarnOne frames send and receive signals via fiber, they can also transport any combination of signals at any time during the event. The operators of the ‘Yat-Sen Cup Zhongshan International Marathon’ event were amazed by the unique capabilities of the Barnfind platform and its valuable contribution to the production. They cannot wait for the next event. These clients will definitely adopt a Barnfind solution again.”



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