General about the BarnMini’s

With the introduction of the BarnMini family a few years back, Barnfind has become the “one stop shop” fiber transport solution from the most advanced BarnOne system to the simpler standalone box solutions. We like to say that the BarnMini family is the answer to the expression about the “Swiss army knife”. The usage areas for one BarnMini are numerous.

We started out with a few simple BarnMini’s, but we soon discovered the need to expand the product range dramatically – and there are many more BarnMini’s to come.

Many clients like the BarnMini’s as a standalone solution where no control is required. BarnMini solve everything from a simple task to the more comprehensive solutions where the BarnMini’s are used in conjunction with BarnOne’s to make complete distributed systems in lager facilities.

Here are some main sales arguments for the BarnMini’s which show why we have become very popular in the market place with sales to over 60 countries:


  • Flexible and extreme good video specifications.
  • Handles SDTI signals from e.g. EVS.
  • You can use any SFPs from Barnfind or any other SFPs as long as they are MSA compatible.
  • Mini are more flexible than most competitors. One Mini can serve serval tasks.
  • All BNCs and SFPs are re-clocked.
  • Unique HDMI to SDI solutions with any fiber distance.
  • Multimode to singlemode conversion in one Mini.
  • BarnMini Housing in 2,5RU for up to 16 x different BarnMini
  • Same PSU in the BarnMini frame as for the BarnOne family.
  • All BarnMini modules are operational from 5V to 24V.
  • Can be used as a standalone box or in advanced systems with BarnOne or any 3rd party solution.
  • BarnMini has the same generous warranty conditions as BarnOne.
  • Rock solid mechanics and technology. The Mini are working in harsh environment.