BarnMini - 02

Use any SFP from Barnfind or any 3rd party SFP which is MSA compliant. BarnMini-02 is also popular due to the flexibility it brings. Imagine you need to go from multimode to single mode, taking an Ethernet signal into the fiber, using it as an affordable optical repeater etc.  BarnMini-02 is our “Swiss army knife”, you can change your application on the fly only by swapping SFPs. As any of the BarnMini modules BarnMini-02 can be used as a standalone box or in advanced systems with BarnOne or any 3rd party solution.

Technical Specifications

SFP ports

  • 2x SFP ports (small formfactor pluggable) for transceivers, MSA compliant, up to 3Gbps
  • SMPTE 259M, 292M, 372M, 424M, 297M, DVB-ASI
  • Multirate reclocking of outputs 270Mbps – 3Gbps
  • SFP modules are hot pluggable/swappable
  • Single-mode, multi-mode or media-converter SFP modules

Power supply

  • 12-24V DC, power supply included

Physical size

  • 92mm x 98mm x 22mm
  • 200g

Model name

  • BM-02