BarnMini - 05

BarnMini-05 offers a compact way to convert an RS422/RS485 serial data, 4 x GPI and 4 x GPO to Ethernet. The unit can serve as an intelligent bridge between many third-party devices, for example transferring an RS422 signal or tally between two locations, or it can control an external optical changeover switch such as BarnMini-06 in a redundancy setup. Triggers are easily set, and the module works well in conjunction with any BarnOne frames. BarnStudio, Barnfind’s control software, can be used to configure and monitor BarnMini-05.

Technical Specifications

Serial port

  • RJ45 connector
  • selectable RS422 or RS485

GPIO ports

  • 2x RJ45 connector with 2x GPI and 2x GPO per connector
  • 4x GPI – optocoupled; common floating 5V reference; connect to 0V reference to trigger
  • 4x GPO – Relays; max. 50V AC/DC; max 100mA

SFP port

Power supply

  • 12-24V DC, power supply included

Physical size

  • 92mm x 98mm x 22mm
  • 200g

Model name

  • BM-05