BarnMini - 07

BarnMini-07 is a 4-channel CWDM mux that can be used e.g. for transportation of 4x 3G-SDI for UHD transmission over different mediums. This is a compact, efficient and affordable mux and fits alongside all other BarnMinis into the BTF-MINI-16 frame. BarnMini-07 saves you both rack space and money. For growing up to 8 channels, BarnMini-07 is available in two versions: BarnMini-07-2935 (1290-1350nm) and BarnMini-07-3743 (1370-1430nm + upgrade port); both units can be casceded.

Technical Specifications

Optical ports

  • LC/PC connectors
  • BarnMini-07-2935: 1290nm – 1350nm according to ITU-T G694.2
  • BarnMini-07-3743: 1370nm – 1430nm according to ITU-T G694.2
  • Channel clear passband +/-6,5nm
  • Insertion Loss <1,2dB
  • Passband ripple <0,5 dB Adjacent Channel Isolation >30dB
  • Non-Adjacent Channel Isolation >45dB
  • Polarisation dependant loss 0,02dB
  • Directivity >50dB
  • Return loss >45dB
  • Polarisation Mode Dispersion <0,2ps

Physical size

  • 92mm x 98mm x 22mm
  • 200g

Model name

  • BM-07-2935 / BM-07-3743