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BarnStudio – Control Software for the BarnOne unit

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Changes since v0.4.0.2:
  • Do not crash when trying to spawn IPv6 connection to a Telnet enabled device on non-IPv6 enabled systems
Changes since v0.4.0.0:
  • Fallback to multicast when configuring network did not work for BTF1-x telnet protocol
Changes since v0.3.0.0:
  • Support for BTF1-x telnet protocol (new discovered frames with new firmware will use this protocol)
  • Some rare occasions of “unhandled exception” was fixed
  • Display automatic changeover (requires new firmware on the BTF1-x frame)
Changes since v0.2.0.8:
  • Internal redesign, making future changes easier
  • All configuration changes now needs to be acknowledged, but can be temporary bypassed.
  • BarnStudio now remembers devices between sessions
  • New UI for adding non-discoverable / remote devices
  • Matrix sometimes could appear empty first time per device, fixed
  • Display SDI analyzer if BTF1-xx firmware is new enough
Changes since v0.2.0.7:
  • BarnStudio assumed it would always find an IPv6 scope to use, even on systems that did not provide IPv6 support
Changes since v0.2.0.6:
  • Network tab can now display the log generated from a BTF1-XX frame
Changes since v0.2.0.5:
  • Alphabetically sorting of SFP properties and diagnostics
  • Improve the responsiveness of the matrix view
Changes since v0.1.1.0:
  • Matrix view has a new design
  • Support for SNMP traps (new feature in latest BTF1-xx firmware)
  • Various bugfixes

Firmware update

Download version 2016-10-26-0.2.9 43MB, using USB Download version 2016-10-26-0.2.9 43MB, using openGear/DashBoard  
Changes since v2015-12-03-0.2.4
  • Initial support for HTTP
  • Initial support for telnet
  • SW-P-08 can not change BNC direction by using Level/Matrix number 1
  • Recognize Embrionix EB30HDRT-MM SFP modules
  • Automatic change-over support
  • SDI analyzer: At 3G speed, ignore “VideoStandard” faults
  • SNMP string write requests could sometimes randomly fail
Changes since v2015-06-02-0.2.3
  • Initial support for BlackMagic panels
  • * Try to detect the M parameter on SDI analyzer (59.94 etc framerates)
  • * Fixed SFP diagnostics values in openGear. They were not scaled properly
  • * SW-P-08 no longer automatic change BNC direction on matrix changes
  • If upgraded from USB, a power-cycle sometimes was required (software crash reading temporary log file)
Changes since v2014-10-16-0.2.2
  • SNMP Traps are now accumulated into 50ms timeslots (less traffic)
  • Retrieval of SFP information are no longer slow
  • Added support for Embrionix EB30HDRT-AM and EB30CSRT-AM
  • openGear did not work if more than one client was connected simultaneously
  • Diagnostics now show FPS on Reference Sync
  • Reference Sync time-out was too low, causing matrix switches to behave as no sync was selected
  • SW-P-08 labels now works as expected
Changes since v2014-10-08-0.2.1
  • A hang bug in the upgrade process was fixed. (Upgrading from v2014-10-08-0.2.1 might require reboot)
  • openGear implementation did not send changes on the BNC card to the correct OID
  • SDI analyzer added. Works in openGear already. Next version of BarnStudio will include support for this
Changes since v2014-05-21-0.1.7
  • Initial support for openGear protocol
  • Initial support for SFP with externally calibrated diagnostics data
  • It is now possible to see the currentely installed software versions of Barnfind packages in the firmware upgrade dialog
  • Recognize more RJ45 Ethernet SFPs
  • Bugfix: SW-P-08 disconnected if more than one client was connected
  • Bugfix: Some SNMP-traps had wrong OIDs in them
Changes since v2014-04-29-0.1.7
  • Upgrade was not always performed, due to missing files in the upgrade image
Changes since v2014-04-24-0.1.7
  • Network manager now makes sure that DHCP shutdown releases IP addresses
  • Initial support for SW-P-08 protocol (port 1096)
  • Initial support for Ethernet RJ45 SFP modules
  • Writing SFP parameters could cause pauses in communication
Changes since v2014-02-27-0.1.4
  • Network manager could freeze on netmask not dividable by 8
  • Added watchdog on critical services, restarting them if they have stopped
  • New version of Linux kernel, driver pack and net-snmp library
  • Allow to store \ in port names (used by new version of BarnStudio to make groups)
  • Initial support for SNMP traps
  • Display SFP RX/TX power in both milliwatt and dbM when possible
  • Bootup self test diagnostics now visible in diagnostics (in BarnStudio)
  • IP adress can now be configured/monitored via SNMP
  • More diagnostics from Embrionix HDMI SFP modules



Barnfind Visio Icon Pack – Supported by Visio 2013

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Barnfind Visio Icon Pack – Supported by Visio 2003-2010

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SNMP MIB for BTF1-series

Download version 20161003 <1MB