Jens Christian Vik

Director of Sales

All of our Barnfind products are potential “problem solvers”, but if we should give one product that proud designation of problem solver, it must be the Barnmini-05.

GPIOs, the most fun part of a production system. For some reason, it is always very gratifying to make a GPI-system work. A simple trigger. The easiest way to make two systems have some interaction with each other. Still, in my experience, in a traditional broadcast system, GPIOs is often one of the toughest things to make work. Strange. But then again, when that simple trigger works, its always a great sense of joy!


There are plenty of GPIO products in our industry. But often they are much bigger in capacity than what you need, or they are proprietary to the system controller. So you end up with a oversized and expensive box to solve a (often) simple issue.

What is your solution when you need 1,2,3 or 4 tally’s or GPIs then? The answer should be the BarnMini-05.

You can use the BarnMini-05 as a end-to-end product. One BarnMini-05 can connect to four others. That way you can program them to send triggers in several directions.

You can also use the BarnMini-05 as a stand-alone product. Using the integrated network adapter in the BarnMini-05, you can connect to external controllers trough IP on the TSL protocol. This is a great way to expand your Tally system to remote locations without pulling new cables.  Use BarnMini-05 as a GPIO over IP interface.

Just use the BarnMini-05 as an interface to your existing tally management system and configure the GPIOs to your need. The TSL protocol is an industry standard for tally/gpi, so you can use the BarnMini-05 with most studio controllers on the market. Customers has successfully used our products together with TallyMan, VSM, BFE and others. Of course, using the TSL protocol you can also integrate directly with many of the vision mixers on the market, as most of them use the TSL protocol! BarnMini-05 will be your Tally over IP-product of choice.

BarnMini-05 is also a RS422/485 to IP-converter. You can connect two mini’s together through you IP network to expand the reach of your analog data signals. The BarnMini-05 is truly a problem solver.

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