Jens Christian Vik

Director of Sales

Hello blog!


Dear reader, welcome to our new blog on the Barnfind website. Here we will write about our products in a more specific way. We will share some ideas, user cases, customer installations, tips&tricks, future development and so on.

Our portfolio of customers has grown quite large and very diverse over the years. And the number of different customers, also reflect all the different ways customers are using our products. We will try to share some of the ways our products are used today, together with some of our own ideas.

Today I got an enthusiastic email from one of our customers. While testing our BarnOne products, they set up a latency test. A 3G-SDI test signal was input on BNC in the frame, then routed to an optical SFP, this was cabled to another optical SFP in the same frame, converting it back to baseband in the BarnOne-frame. This procedure was done two more times, totaling six conversions before the signal was output through BNC to a video tester. The total latency? 5 pixels! The customer was very happy with the result, so are we!

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