BarnOne might be the ideal solution for converting IP video and distributing it as baseband signals.

This week we have been testing 2022 and 2110 SFPs in our products. The good news. It all works just fine.

The SFPs are 10G IP interface. On the inside its 3G video, meaning that these units will work in any existing Barnfind system. Both BarnOne and BarnMini products will handle the SFPs. Allthough I would recommend some serious airflow when using the passive BarnMini’s. These SFPs run hot!


SMPTE2110 input, signal is routed to both HDMI and 3G-SDI.

Not only have we sent 3G-SDI video through SMPTE2022-6 and SMPTE2110, we have also used tested workflows using HDMI and Analog SFPs for both send and receive.
BarnOne then becomes an ideal stagebox for live IP production where the need for converting signals to baseband and distributing them are big. Also for confidence monitoring, its great to be able to convert to HDMI without adding a second box. Everything is done in the same frame.

The built in automatic changeover in BarnOne further increases the potential use case in a hybrid IP workflow. The ACO could be used either at the encoder, or at the receiver when the signal is handed off as baseband.

BarnMini-22 with 3G-SDI output. Ethernet cable is for monitoring.

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