As a Christmas present to all loyal customers and future users, Barnfind announces a new release of BarnStudio v1.0.3.1.

New features

  • Save your configuration of a BarnOne frame to a file. This includes saving a partial configuration such as matrix or port labels only, or just the diagnostics of one single SFP module.
  • Load a configuration from file to a BarnOne unit. Loading of a partial configuration is offered here as well.
  • Edit configuration offline and load to BarnOne unit at a later stage
  • Save a configuration as backup, preset or to send it to Barnfind support
  • Show SFP RX/TX Power and Loss of Signal on Inputs/Outputs tab
  • Support for new hardware product release BarnMini-22, a 12G SFP+ to SFP+ signal neutral converter with control interface for SFP diagnostics and reclocker management
  • For all details please check the BarnStudio Changelog on the Download page

“With the above-mentioned features Barnfind meets requests from long term users and those who would like to become as such. Now you will be able to back up the configuration stored inside a BarnOne frame to file and consecutively load a configuration from file to a BarnOne unit. You can even move configurations between BarnOne units with different hardware layout by uploading a partial configuration to the other unit” says Barnfind’s Software Manager Stian Skjelstad.

At the same time customer support benefits from those configuration files, it will save the time of remote desktop sessions by support engineers looking into configurations; even SFP diagnostics can be stored and reviewed. “This will help me in my daily work to serve our clients even better”, says System Design Manager and support responsible at Barnfind, Benno Sonder.

Showing the SFP’s RX/TX Power and Loss of Signal directly on the Inputs tab simplifies error tracking and troubleshooting for the user, there is no need to switch between the inputs and SFP tab.

With support for the new hardware release of BarnMini-22 a constantly recurring requirement for a control interface for BarnMinis is accomplished. BarnMini-22 is the second BarnMini unit with control interface after BarnMini – 05, it features a control interface for SFP diagnostics (DDM) and management of internal reclockers, which might need to be configured manually for some applications.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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