New features in v.

  • Added support for BTF1-41
  • Added a GPIO script editor for BTF1-41
  • BarnStudio can now check for software and firmware updates
  • Use of .NET version 4.6 instead of 4.0   removes support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • For all details please check the BarnStudio Changelog on the Download page

Along with the hardware release of BTF1-41 Barnfind releases an update for it’s free of charge control software BarnStudio. The update adds support for the new BarnOne unit capable of carrying and routing signals up to 12G. It includes a script editor with the option to add and edit logic functions. You can trigger a GPO for e.g. an external optical redundancy switch from the LOS function of one or several SFPs which are housed inside BTF1-41.


BarnStudio now performs a “check for updates” and it will download the installer if there is a new software release. At the same time BarnStudio checks for new firmware releases for the connected BarnOne and BarnMini units and automatically downloads the new firmware. BarnStudio now informs the suer if there is a new firmare available on Barnfind’s server for the unit which is connected to the software client.

With the move from .NET version 4.0 to .NET version 4.6 BarnStudio does not support Windows XP and Windows Vista anymore, Windows 7 is still supported. Please check your operating system before you install.

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