Barnfind is proud to present a new version of both BarnStudio and new firmware which can both be found under the downloads area on our webpage. You can check out what is new and download.


One thing for sure is that the BarnStudio is getting more and more popular by the day. Because of its simplicity and its ease of use, many customers are finding it invaluable. The feedback from customers in the recent weeks has been adopted in to the latest release. Below are some of the changes implemented:


• Extensive Internal redesign that will make future changes much easier
• All configuration changes now need to be acknowledged, but can be temporary bypassed.
• New UI for adding non-discoverable / remote devices
• Display SDI analyzer if BTF1-xx firmware is now new enough


• SNMP Traps are now accumulated into 50ms timeslots (for less network traffic)
• Retrieval of SFP information is now available much faster
• Added support for Embrionix SFP EB30HDRT-AM and EB30CSRT-AM
• Ross openGear is now better integrated to Barnfind
• Diagnostics now also show FPS on Reference Sync
• Reference Sync time-out was too low and is now fixed
• Snell SW-P-08 protocol labels now work as expected


At IBC we will show live control solutions from BarnStudio together with live solutions from Ross openGear/DashBoard, LSB/VSM, DNF, BFE/KSC, Skyline/Dataminer, RASCULAR with Black Magic control panel over Route Master. This will all work in conjunction with CAMCCU control from camera manufacturers such as Ikegami.


Barnfind will in a few weeks time publish a complete new BarnGuide that will be much more detailed than todays Quick Guide.

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