The Barnfind Stagebox Breakout panel allows you to customize your own front panel based on the required connectors. The various selection of modules will be the connection points to one or more frames.


All modules are made of solid aluminum, with high performance connectors. Barnfind introduces eight different breakout modules. You can read about the offerings under Stagebox section in the BarnGuide (version 2.7) on page 10 and 11.


Arild Skjeggerud, CTO of Barnfind says: “With our increased popularity by sports arenas, events, OB-van operators, production companies etc. we are pleased to have developed a unique set of sub-modules in close co-operation with the world’s most demanding sports broadcasters”.


Take a look at the technical offerings. The different Stagebox break out modules and the 2RU chassis are already priced and on sale. All 50 international Barnfind Business Partners are ready to support you with quotes. As a sample of how well the Barnfind product portfolio works with our new breakout system we show you this sample:



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