BTF1-41 new firmware together with a minor update of BarnStudio (v1.0.6.2) has recently been released and they now have new options for how the GPO (Tally outputs) can behave. Two new modes of operation has been added in addition the normal behaviour. This is accessed from the “Edit Scripts” button.

GPIO reach "Edit Scripts"

The original “normal function” is that the output matches the logical operation you assign to it.

GPO if no specific function has been selected

First additional function added is “One-Shot”. This makes the output behave like an alarm that you need to reset (acknowledge). An example usage would be to have an alarm lamp that lights up if there has been any loss of signals, and the light remains even if the problem has been resolved – until you actively reset the alarm.

GPO if one-shot function has been selected

Second additional function added is “toggling while true”. This makes the output toggle on/off while your given logical operation is true, and remains at the last given state when it is false. Typical use can be to control an optical change over switch that selects between primary and backup fiber in the event of a loss of signal.

GPO if the toggle function has been selected

To update, please go to our download page or use the automatic update service available inside BarnStudio.

Stian Skjelstad

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