Optical Products

Housing For LGX Modules

Order NumberDescription
BT-HOUS-LGX-1RUBarnfind standard empty chassis for up to 4 LGX Boxes in 1RU


CWDM Mux/Demux

BT-WDM-LGX2 channels in LGX box stand-alone
BT-CWDM-08-LGX8 channels in LGX box stand-alone
BT-CWDM-16-LGX16 channels in LGX box stand-alone
BT-CWDM-18-LGX18 channels in LGX box stand-alone
* Other CWDM configuration on request.


Optical Splitters

Order NumberDescription
BT-SPLIT-2-LGXPassive distribution of optical signals 1:2 out
BT-SPLIT-4-LGXPassive distribution of optical signals 1:4 out
BT-SPLIT-8-LGXPassive distribution of optical signals 1:8 out
* Other optical splitters on request.


Optical Changeover Switch

Order NumberDescription
BT-OCS-2-LGXOptical changeover 2:1, Non-latching
* Other optical changeover switches on request


DWDM Mux/Demux

Order NumberDescription
BT-DWDM-MUX-32-1RU32 channels in 1RU
BT-DWDM-MUX-44-1RU44 channels in 1RU
* Other DWDM configurations on request.