Passive Optical Products

Barnfind offers a range of passive optical products that you find listed below. We call them the LGX series. They can act as a standalone module or they can be housed into our 1RU frame, BT-HOUS-LGX-1RU. This frame has a capacity for up to 4 pcs of any of the LGX modules. You can chose among different CWDM multiplexers, splitters and optical changeover switches.

It is suited for harsh and demanding operations. Each module is secured with a thumbscrew for easy and quick replacement. These LGX modules are often delivered together with a BarnOne system where you chose to have the CWDM modules separate from the BarnOne frame. These modules can also be ordered as stand alone units for 3rd party products that follow the international ITU-T G.694.2 standard.

See also the BarnMini modules and in particular the BarnMini-06, BarnMini-07 and BarnMini-08 for similar functionality, but then in the BarnMini mechanical format.

Housing For LGX Modules

Order NumberDescription
BT-HOUS-LGX-1RUBarnfind standard empty chassis for up to 4 LGX Boxes in 1RU

CWDM Mux/Demux

Order NumberDescription
BT-CWDM-08-LGX8 channels (1290-1430nm) in LGX box stand-alone
BT-CWDM-16-LGX16 channels (1290-1590nm) in LGX box stand-alone
BT-CWDM-18-LGX18 channels (1270-1610nm) in LGX box stand-alone
BarnMini-07-29354 channels (1290-1350nm) in a BarnMini
BarnMini-07-37434 channels (1370-1430nm) with upgrade port in a BarnMini
* Other CWDM configuration on request.

Optical Splitters

Order NumberDescription
BT-SPLIT-2-LGXPassive distribution of optical signals 1:2 out
BT-SPLIT-4-LGXPassive distribution of optical signals 1:4 out
BarnMini-08-1:2Passive distribution of optical signals 1:2 out in a BarnMini
BarnMini-08-1:4Passive distribution of optical signals 1:4 out in a BarnMini
* Other optical splitters on request.