Benno Sonder Barn
We found him in a Barn

Barnfind Technologies is proud to announce the co-operation with Mr. Benno Sonder that has been working in the TV and Sport Production for years with many different suppliers. “With Benno’s extensive background in critical mission production out in the field, he is a very suitable person for Barnfind in our positioning into the Sports and Event market,” says Wiggo Evensen, CEO, Barnfind.


“Barnfind’s product family impressed me with its open mindedness to all types of signals, no matter if it is digital or analogue, slow or fast, open standard or a proprietary protocol. This impression is completed by the possibility of Barnfind products to be controlled by (nearly) any 3rd party control platform offering customers to stick to familiar production environment. This attitude fulfills my imagination from a user’s point of view, to be free in choice of production facilities”, explains Benno.


“The free-spirited attitude of Barnfind products reflects the way I was welcomed by the Barnfind Team. I am looking forward to improve Barnfind to become an even more sustainable and lasting platform in signal transportation”, says Benno that will be operating out of South of Germany and support technically many of Barnfind’s worldwide partners and clients.


“We are very happy to get Benno on-board says CTO Arild Skjeggerud. We have many of our partners that are skilled to make advanced quotes to our clients in over 50 countries, but without doubt we will strengthen our capacity in advanced project management for big events like summer and winter Olympics, different World Championships, European Championships etc.”, says Arild.



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