Jens Christian Vik

Director of Sales

Successful HDMI2.0 test!

This week I have been testing a potential new product! Adressing the needs of our AV customers, we have been looking at routing HDMI2.0 through the BarnOne-41.

With this unit, the HDMI2.0 signal is compressed to 10Gig ethernet. This makes it possible for us to route and distribute the HDMI signals in our matrix.

What makes this really interesting, is that this solution lets customers use the full potential of the BarnOne’s monitoring and redundancy capabilities. A HDMI2.0 redundancy switch, combined with fiber converting and routing. Perhaps a good product? What do you think?

Today we tested the set up with an AppleTV 4K, with a 4K display on the destination. Of course, since most of us at Barnfind are petrolheads, we used MotoGP-app for live video. Going forward we will do more tests with uncompressed sources.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, please send me an email;

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