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Barnfind’s entrance to the Broadcast, Telco and Multimedia markets has the industry taking notice. There is demand for a company that understands the need for products which combine several functions into a single frame. In recent years, Barnfind has experienced a great success and have sold to over 60 countries. All BarnOne (1RU) systems are built using the same core platform then extended into various configurations by adding up to 32 SFPs (Small Form Programmable Units), BNC’s, filters, HDMI ports, IP/Ethernet, SDTI capable, KVM capable, 4K 60 p resolution, no latency and perfect match for CAM-CCU solutions where Barnfind offers up to 18 x CAM-CCU on 1 single fiber.

The design’s flexibility supports multiple functions in the same chassis. Functions range from signal processing, distribution, routing, protection, redundancy, add/drop, pass, SDI-IP/Ethernet, embedding, service adaptation and optical multiplexing from the simplest WDM to larger CWDM and DWDM networks with bridges to the IP world. It may take some time to fully appreciate what we do, but customers who see the benefits return to us for future project requirements.

BarnOne offers the industry’s highest density, smallest form factor and lowest power consumption. When compared to the competition’s 3-6RU systems to our BarnOne 1RU solution, no other can deliver more compact solutions than Barnfind.

One of the key points is the ability to adopt new signal formats into the BarnOne platform. Whether it be 4K or IP, rest assure the Barnfind Team will do everything we can to house it in the BarnOne frame. You can grow with Barnfind from baseband video to the coming IP world with one frame design!

In the sidebar on the right is a selection of systems examples available in our portfolio. As we address customer needs, our portfolio is growing and diversifying. Contact your Barnfind Team with your configuration request and you will be answered with a Bill of Material (BOM) and a Visio drawing of how Barnfind can solve your application.

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In addition to Broadcast, the demand in Telco and Multimedia is growing, as are adjacent markets such as Oil & Gas, Defense, Telemedicine, CCTV, small campus networks, House of Worship and more.